We don't just build leads, we build relationships...

Dash Activate Online is a full-scale digital strategy and advertising management agency based in Melbourne, Australia. Although we’re locally based, we have a global reach with clients in every time zone around the world.

Today, every aspect of our personal lives and business affairs are impacted by digital communication and social media influences. Dash Activate Online is positioned to help small-to-medium size businesses compete strategically and thrive in this dynamic digital ecosystem.

Our mission is to help our clients eliminate the confusion, frustration, and countless hits and misses while trying to manage their own social marketing and advertising strategies. The competition for customer engagement and loyalty is fierce and gambling your time, money, and valuable resources to trial and error are risky business.

Dash Activate Online is committed to increasing our client’s marketing ROI by implementing an effective and measurable digital and advertising strategy in their niche market embracing an engaging and customer-centric brand story designed to captivate and connect with their targeted audience.

We help you expand your brand value and awareness and generate paying customers by leveraging your Company Website, Video Content, Conversion Optimization, SEO, Pay Per Click (PPC), and Banner Ads, if applicable for your business type and target audience.


Partnership to us means we’re fully invested in the success of your business today and for the duration of our business relationship. Rather than adopting a project mentality, we engage every process and communication from the mindset of an invested partner.

What that means for you is nothing less than the highest level of professionalism, focus, responsiveness, and accountability at with every touch point.


Anyone can hit the ball out of the park on a day with no opposing wind. We excel in delivering consistent and sustainable sales growth for our clients amidst fluctuating market changes.

We take the time to learn about your social media marketing goals and objectives to develop an effective digital and advertising management strategy that results in immediate leads and higher conversions and most importantly, consistent profits for your business!

Our highly skilled team has been working in the online media and digital strategy space for over seven years and have supported numerous start-up companies, Fortune 500, and SMBs across all industries.


We believe communication is essential to building trust. So, as a good partner should, we keep you in the loop with weekly reporting and email or telephone communication of our analysis of what’s working.


Over-the-Shoulder:  Our flexible approach allows us to educate and upskill your team with an “over the shoulder” approach to empower your marketing team to make better decisions. 

Full-Service:  Dash Activate Online can also handle your entire strategy from start to finish freeing up more of your time to work on your other high-priority matters.